The Center for Innovation in Earth Resources Science & Engineering (CIERSE)


2009/2010 Projects

  1. Innovative Water Treatment for Thallium Removal:
    Linda Figueroa, Department of Environmental Science & Engineering
    Morgan Davies
    Thomas Wildeman
  2. Bond Abrasion Test Reliability Study:
    Eric Spiller, Department of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
    Pat Taylor
    Martin Uceda
  3. Measuring the Efficiency of Mill Liner Design with Ball Considerations:
    Eric Spiller, Department of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
    Pat Taylor
    Husni Usman
  4. 4D Inversion of Full Waveform Induced Polarization (IP) Data from Newmont's Distributed Acquisition System NEWDAS:
    Yaoguo Li, Department of Geophysics
    Jiajia Sun
    Misac Nabighian

2010/2011 Projects

  1. Remote Controlled Waterjet Mining System:
    Hugh Miller, Department of Mining Engineering
    Fun-Den Wang
    Brian Asbury
    Doug Aho
  2. Cathodoluminescence and Fluid Inclusion Characteristics of Hydrothermal Quartz as a Vector to Metal Mineralization:
    Thomas Monecke, Department of Geology & Geological Engineering
    Jim Reynolds
    Nigel Kelly

2011/2012 Projects

  1. Scoping Study of Geothermal Resources in the Midas District, Nevada:
    Stuart Simmons, Department of Geology & Geological Engineering
  2. Mechanical Excavation Systems in Underground Mine Development:
    Christian Frenzel, Department of MIning Engineering
    Mark Kutcha
    Brian Asbury
  3. Development of a Phase Design Algorithm for Open Pit Production Scheduling Optimization:
    Kadri Dagdelen, Department of Mining Engineering
  4. Geostatistical Classification of Mineral Resources:
    Tracy Barnes, Department of Mining Engineering
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